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A4 – asociations for contemporary culture
is a non-governmental organisation running a multifunctional non-commercial centre of contemporary culture “A4 – nultý priestor” or “A4 – Zero Space” in the centre of Bratislava, Slovakia. The productivity of A4 can be proved by more than 1000 organised cultural events in 5 years, presenting and initiating Slovak as well as international innovative artistic creation.

A mission of A4 – Zero Space is a long-term support of innovative artistic creation, presentation and education in the field of up-to-date manifestations of contemporary theatre, dance, music, film, visual culture and new media art.
A4 permanently struggles to strengthen the important local/regional communication and production nodes in all contemporary art spheres.
One of the main objectives is arranging a series of professional meetings, workshops and performances, improving the quality and availability of information.

In A4 – Zero Space are gathered high-quality independent theatre, dance, music, film, visual culture and new media art productions.
Domiciliary theatre SkRAT acting own plays two times a week here, plus constantly acts in abroad (Brno, Prague, CZ). 
A4 regularly hosted dance performances of Debris Company and Association of Contemporary Dance. 
Furthermore there are various Slovak and foreign ensembles invited to play their theater and dance productions here.
Music dramaturgy is focused on independent and experimental expressions of contemporary music. Many musicians renowned internationally have had the concerts here.
A4 cine-club KINO INAK offers the screenings of films out of mainstream, which are not distributed in Slovakia.
In A4 are strongly supported the multimedia performances focusing experimental and cross-genre forms, series of seminars, presentations and workshops.
There are taking part a couple of festivals here: NEXT music festival, Next Life Visual, Nu dance fest and many more are hosted here (a network festival Multiplace, Ars Poetica, New Drama, One World Festival, Early Melons…)

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